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Prof. Alexander Usanin

Political and public figure, writer, the author of 8 books about human and society development, professor of the Academy of Geographical Problems, vise president of charitable found “The Bright World”, ideologist and founder of the award “For Better World” nablagomira.ru

We live in a very responsible and interesting time, when people can develop spiritually with the speed that they choose. I have lived in India for over ten years, studying the heritage of highly developed ancient spiritual cultures, which I later adapted for modern people in my books. Spirituality and religiosity are different things. Spirituality is a feeling of one's inner connection with other people, with all beings as parts of God. And religion is something that should develop spirituality in us. Our morning prayers and meditations are not enough for spiritual practices. These are different forms of spiritual adjustment. They just helps us to remember that all of us are eternal immaterial beings, and we are the children of one God!

But real spiritual practice is our actions in these kind of state of mind throughout the day. We will become worthy of returning to the spiritual world when our relations become relations of the inhabitants of the spiritual world.

The spiritual world is the world of relations. Spiritual life is the life of a relationship. Spiritual progress is the progress of relations.

It’s the progress of relationships at all levels we need to direct countries and our personal life towards to, in order to achieve perfection at all levels and to live happily ever after right now!

Now it is time to change the course of human history for the better. Today we have access to the knowledge that makes this task achievable. As predicted, humanity must be spiritually elevated by the new concept of life that unites all people.

Three bodies

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Spiritual Economy

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The Three Types of Power

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Spiritual Unification of the World

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Where Our Society is Heading and How We Can Improve This

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Breaking Free From the Current Deadlock

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The Holographic Principle of the Universe and the Human Society

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Mother Earth

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Alexander Usanin. Writer, public figure, president of the Charitable Foundation "For the World benefit", honorary member of the UNESCO Krasnodar centre (Southern Russia) www.usanin.com www.usanin.info e-mail: aleksandr@usanin.com