Three bodies. The educational structure of the material world

  • November 02, 2019
Three bodies. The educational structure of the material world

We live in a very important time when science has begun to assert the same things as the ancient sacred texts say. Quantum physicists, scientists who study the smallest particles of creation, came to the conclusion that the whole material world does not exist. They found that atoms, protons and electrons consist of other, smaller sub-atomic particles that are just a certain vibration!

Scientists came to the conclusion that matter in our understanding of it does not exist in fact: all that exists is a single eternal energy that accepts various forms and different properties under the influence of certain vibrations.

The same is said in the ancient Sanskrit treatises: all things are created from eternal spiritual energy, Brahman, which under the influence of a certain vibration takes various properties and forms. Christians say that everything came from the God's Word and is not different from God; The Vedas say that the cause of creation is the sound of Shri Krishna's flute. In fact, they say the same thing: all things emerge from the divine vibration that carries information.

Because both the Word and the sound of the flute of God are vibrations conveying information, under the influence of which a single eternal energy, unattainable for our understanding now, takes the form of different material energies.

Some quantum physicists come to the conclusion that the world in which we live is a computer program. And here we come to the realization, in fact, mine. When we look at the monitor screen, we see a person there, houses and nature. Our vision perceives them as different objects independent of each other, although in reality they are different parts of a single computer program, they are simply perceived by us in different ways.

Similarly, people, various other beings around us, and all of nature, are perceived by us in different ways, although in reality they are parts of a single computer program.

And, since they are parts of one program, they act according to the same laws.

All that we see around us are different parts of a single program, so they act according to the same laws. We see that ancient Sanskrit texts describe different large and small fragments of this world as different "kshetras." The literal translation of the word "kshetra" is the field of activity for the soul, scientists often translate this word as "a body."

Thus, the ancient sacred texts mention three basic types of kshetras, three main fields  of activity, or three bodies in which the soul undergoes its training:

1) The body, which we see in the mirror, with which we directly identify ourselves.    This body consists of different organs, different living cells and tissues, each of which performs there a specific function.

2) The second body in which the soul undergoes training is the body of the society, or a social organism where people with certain qualities, as well as different groups of people, perform the functions of different systems, as cells and organs of the social organism.

3) The third field of the soul's activity mentioned in the scriptures in this world is called Virat-rupa, the body of the Universe, the material manifestation of God. The Sanskrit tract of Shrimad Bhagavatam describes various planetary systems and different beings as different parts and organs of the Universal Body.

All these three bodies are related to each other by a holographic principle, that is, they all work according to the same laws, according to the same principles, which are reflected in the eastern teachings as a connection between the micro- and macro-cosmos. To be more precise, these three bodies in which the soul goes through spiritual training (training in harmonious interaction with others in love) are different levels of a unified energy-information system. That is why they all have the same laws.

The main indicator of the health of any organism is a healthy metabolism. If the metabolism is good, the body is healthy. The metabolism depends on the correct acid-base balance. When the acid-base balance is disturbed, a healthy metabolism gets unbalanced and a different kind of disease and parasites appear in the body.

The metabolism in the social organism is the relationship between people. When relations between people are good, the public organism is healthy. But if healthy relations between people are violated, different social illnesses arise: divorces, abortions, extramarital children, alcoholism, drug addiction, corruption, domestic violence, crime of all kinds, different types of social parasites appearing.

A healthy metabolism is disrupted when a healthy acid-base balance is disrupted. The acid-base balance in the social organism is the balance of the systems of life priorities and values of the social masses.

This is the balance between the desire for dead material things, those pleasures that are sold for money, and the desire for friendship and selfless love, for those relationships that are not sold for money.

Healthy pH-balance in the human body is slightly alkaline. A healthy pH balance for the social organism is when people's lives and relationships are valued more than dead material things. Material things are also necessary, but they occupy the right place in the system of life values only when we use them to bring joy to others, to develop relationships with others.

A healthy pH balance in the social organism is disrupted when people start to appreciate dead things and money more than the relationship between people, more than people's lives. In this case various social diseases and social parasites appear in society.

Trying to fight the disease without eliminating its root cause is really stupid. So any attempts to fight drug addiction, terrorism, corruption, other diseases of society are futile and foolish, until healthy systems of priorities and values in society are restored. But if you restore a healthy pH, healthy metabolism, increase immunity then the diseases will disappear.  As Jesus said, "Take away sin and illness will go away!"

Why do people now appreciate things more than relationships with each other?

- Because in schools and universities children are now taught basically just how to make money, but not how to build good relations with each other and develop good personal qualities. Also because the media have now become "independent", that is, self-financing. So they now depend on advertising and money.

They advertise everything which pays well. Producers pay them for advertising goods, that's why they advertise things and with the help of different kinds of advertising they make people think that a person needs various things to be happy. Sadly, no one pays them for advertising healthy relationships.

Therefore, in order to restore a healthy system of life values in society, it is necessary to orient the education system and the media to develop superior qualities in people, to prioritize relations. In order for the media to focus people's attention on exalted relationships, and not on material things, they must be supported by the state. Because the main task of the state is to maintain a sublime relationship between people for the sake of society's well-being.

All religions say that the spiritual world is a world of relationships, a world of pure and unconditional love. And to get into the spiritual world, we need to learn the relationship of the inhabitants of that world. So in the material world, we learn the correct relationship with each other.

Since spiritual life is the life of relationships, and spiritual progress is the progress of relationships, the main soul's training takes place in the body of the society. And since all these bodies are parts of one system, the change in relations between people affects both the physical health of a person and his surrounding world.

From this follows a simple conclusion, and easily proved by an infinite number of ways, which I, to pay tribute to my father and mother, "modestly" called "Usanin's social theorem" J J J:

"Anything that improves relations improves our physical health, and everything that worsens relations destroys our health. The same is true at the level of the social organism: everything that improves relations between people is useful for the state and society, and everything that destroys healthy relations between people is dangerous for the state, and for all kinds of communities. "

For example, alcohol and drugs destroy relationships. An overwhelming number of crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol, and most divorces are associated with it. Therefore, alcohol destroys health. The same can be said about drugs. They destroy healthy relationships at all levels. Therefore, they destroy health.

Scientists note that all or almost all diseases are psychosomatic illnesses that arise from negative emotions: greed, anger, envy, selfishness, jealousy, etc.

All these are emotions that destroy healthy relationships between people. Therefore, they destroy health.

Thus, destroying relations with others, including animals, we destroy our health as well. What does God teach us with this mechanism? - If you want to be healthy then take care of your healthy attitude towards others!!!

We must change not only our behavior, but first and foremost our attitude towards all those around us. To each being, we must be filled with gratitude, kindness and love.

Negative emotions, which destroy relationships, lead us to disease. Whereas Love, Gratitude, Acknowledgment heal us. We get healed with emotions that improve relationships. The healing power of Love and positive emotions is known by everyone.

The connection of the social organism with the cosmic body is explained in the doctrine of the Noosphere (from the Greek "noos" - the mind) by Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky. He explained that the state of consciousness of large masses of people forms their common bio-field, the noosphere, which causes the corresponding reactions via the forces of nature.

When people care about each other, nature creates the most favorable conditions for them. But when people become aggressive, fight each other, it causes aggressive response from natural forces towards them: floods, droughts, earthquakes, wars, tsunamis, tornadoes, climatic cataclysms which are continuously happening on our planet now.

In the doctrine of the noosphere, Vernadsky scientifically explained the connection between the micro- and macro-cosmos, the connection between the inner world of people and their surrounding world. In Ramayana, in Shrimad-Bhagavatam it is described that in ancient times when the harvest was destroyed due to the lack of rain or any other natural influence, people could make claims to their ruler, accusing him of neglecting his duties to control the order in the state by making sure that all his subjects are developing spiritually and living in harmony with the world.

This is how the body of society interacts with the body of the Universe.

Eastern astrology reveals this connection even deeper. It explains that everyone who surrounds us is the conductor of certain cosmic forces, the conductors of the energies of various planets and the violation of relations with someone switches on the educational mechanisms of fate.

For example, the father is the conductor of the energy of the Sun; mother is a conductor of the energies of the Moon, the most favorable and important planets in the horoscope. And if a man reveres his parents, cares about them with love, he will be protected by the energies of these two most important favorable planets.

But if a person does not respect his father, does not care about his parents, his reception of the solar and lunar energies is blocked. And this, in turn, causes corresponding adverse changes in his behavior, in character traits, in the psyche, and then in fate.

In a married couple, this educational mechanism of the universe manifests itself as follows: for his wife, the husband is the conductor of the energies of Jupiter, Mars and the Sun; and for him the wife is the conductor of the energies of the Moon and Venus.

If a man offends a woman, he deprives himself of peace and the mental tranquillity that the lunar energy provides, and of the inspiration, creativity and sensual pleasures that Venus governs. Women in all ages were called muses and inspirers, because if a man makes a woman happy, then he himself is filled with creative life-giving energy and receives the physical pure pleasures of life. Therefore, a man should always take great care to ensure that his woman feels protected, loved, and happy with him.

When a woman is courteous, caring towards her husband, he will protect her in every possible way (favorable effect of Mars energy) and will be happy to guess and fulfill all her desires, gives gifts and provides her with everything she needs (the generous beneficial effect of the Sun). A caring woman will naturally develop spiritually, thanks to the Jupiter's patronizing  to her.

But if the wife annoys her husband and insults him, instead of defending her by combating others he will be more inclined to beat the very wife, the energy of Mars will now be directed against her. And, of course, the husband will not be inspired to give her gifts, the Sun will not already pour His mercy to her, just like Jupiter. A woman who is obstinate and disrespectful towards her husband will not be able to develop spiritually, even if she performs various religious activities.

On the other hand, when a woman creates an atmosphere of love and comfort in the house, she treats her husband with reverence, warmth and gratitude, she then very quickly develops spiritually and all this is followed by happiness in the house, good children and financial well-being.

Family is the basic unit of society. Happy families give prosperity to the state. Unhappy personal relationships bring problems to the entire outside world. We live in a closed bio-system, and all our thoughts and feelings inevitably affect the general information space, but first of all, they affect our health and destiny.

Not only are close family members conductors of various cosmic forces, but all who surround us: neighbors, colleagues at work, squalid people on the street, representatives of government agencies, various kinds of animals and birds, each of them is a conductor of different cosmic energies.

The deterioration or improvement of our emotions and feelings towards them that manifest itself in various aspects of our practical life, appropriately influence the deterioration or improvement of various traits of our personality. It is all connected through the various planetary energies with encouraging or punishing educational influences of fate.

The material world is a multilevel educational system, all laws of which encourage us to improve mutual relations with each other: if you want to be healthy, improve your attitude towards others! You want to have a good destiny so that the weather is always favorable, then get rid of selfishness, negative qualities of your character, learn to take care of the welfare of all beings in this world!

The teaching of the three bodies explains what we are taught in this material world. We are taught unselfish, exalted relationships with each other. All kinds of religious teachings will agree with this. We are taught to take care of each other. This is also what science says.

From the point of view of modern science, man differs from animals in the ability to consciously build and develop relationships. The development of relationships, therefore, is the point of intersection of science and all religions.

The commandments of all spiritual teachings warn us against what leads to the destruction of relationships: "Do not lie" as a lie destroys the relationship between people; "Do not steal" as stealing destroys the relationship between people; "Do not traduce" as evil words lead to the destruction of the relationship; "Do not cheat on your husband, wife" as betrayals lead to the destruction of the family, relationships; "Do not kill" (including animals and yourself) as a murder is the complete cessation of any relationship ...

People and rulers are focused on what the criterion is for assessing their lives and activities. The problems of modern society come from incorrect criteria for assessing development. In the current assessment system, the state of affairs in the country is estimated by economic indicators: the number of investments, economic growth, GDP level, that is the level of consumption. While the real progress of man and society is not about the progress of consumption, but about the PROGRESS OF RELATIONSHIPS at all levels.

There is an erroneous assumption that the health of personal relationships, unlike the economic health, cannot be part of a rational measure of social well being.

Economic indicators do not reflect the state of affairs in society. Really it is reflected by indicators of the level of relationships between people:

  • the number of officially concluded marital unions,
  • the number of abortions, divorces,
  • the number of children in orphanages,
  • the number of homeless and unemployed,
  • the level of crime, domestic violence,
  • the level of corruption,
  • the level of social conflicts,
  • the level of mental illnesses, suicides, stresses,
  • the attitude towards nature - the amount of conserved and augmented natural resources.

Only by these, and not by other figures, should the real health of society and its state of affairs be judged.

The bodily equivalent of the GDP has never been the only and unconditional index of human health; on the contrary, excessive obesity of individual parts can disrupt metabolism. And to get a healthy, inexhaustible and not excessive body mass is possible only with the proper metabolism, with the correct pH balance in the body. That is, when society is focused not on the progress of consumption, but on the progress of relationships.

It is by the progress of relationships that we should orient the state and society. It is the progress of relationships that should be the goal of the educational system, and the media. This will restore the healthy balance of life’s values and mankind will be healed of many social diseases and people will achieve their ultimate goal of life: the spiritual world, living in prosperity, peace and happiness in this life.